Spirits in the Light


Welcome to Spirits in the Light! I am Federica Mari. I was born and lived the first part of my life in Italy. Then I moved to Germany and after several years there, I decided to go to the warm and welcoming Spain, the country where I currently live. My life has always been moved by the passion of understanding the mechanism of people's development path...



Federica, through her gifts and her loving work, allowed me to become more aware of a world that I was only partially aware of and that I now welcome with enthusiasm. My life has definitely changed for the better and I hope to continue on this splendid path. Thank you so much.

Romina (IT)

Federica told me details that only my relatives and I could know. At that precise moment my mind diluted and I realized that the answers are within us and that our loved ones take care of us even when they are gone. All this thanks to the gift that a being of special light like Federica possesses.

Oscar (ES)