"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order"

(C. G. Jung)


Welcome to Spirits in the Light! I am Federica Mari, Spiritual Medium .

I was born and lived the first part of my life in Italy. Then I moved to Germany and after several years there, I decided to come to the warm and welcoming Spain, the country where I currently live.

My life has always been moved by the passion of understanding the mechanisms of people's development path. Deeply convinced that we were born with the aim of solving internal dynamics to progress in the path of reconnection with our deepest self, after working 10 years in the field of music as a teacher and performer, I decided to get trained and certified as Life Coach and NLP Trainer in Italy and the USA in 2010.

Since then I have been working for companies, in the HR Training & Development field, and with people, accompanying them in their personal and spiritual development.

My natural ability to communicate with the world of the invisible has led me, since 2016, to undertake a path of intense mediumship development with international mediums (UK and USA) and to work in private sittings and public demonstrations.

Federica Mari