Authorised Mavis Pittilla Teacher

In 2023, after a couple of years from having started a special programme on teaching, I have been honoured to be appointed as one of the “Authorised Mavis Pittilla Teacher” by Mavis Pittilla & Jean Else. In the same period up to the present, I have facilitated practice circles for beginners’ students who were attending the mentorship programme with Mavis & Jean.

Mavis Pittilla doesn’t need any presentation. Her extraordinary mediumship, spirituality and empathy were simply overwhelming. She taught me so much and I will be for ever grateful to life for the opportunity I had to meet her during my development in the last years.

Mavis was an ambassador of the Spirit World. She taught, always. Listening to her was and still is so insightful, making it impossible for her words not to reach and enrich your soul.

She had an extraordinary ability to tell you exactly what your soul needed, to make you feel at home, understood, and accompanied on your journey.

Mavis was one with the spiritual world and thanks to her partner Jean Else, her teaching and words will continue to inspire generations of mediums.

Forever thankful,

Federica Mari