Mediumship reading

The connection with our loved ones who have passed away is a "reconnection" that brings healing to all souls involved in the communication. During the session it will be proven that life does not end with physical experience but that it continues in a different form of existence, in a "world" or "dimension" where the soul lives in a process of eternal progression.

In this session it is important to remain open to the spirit who will come for you, precisely because you both are in a healing process. Persons who have passed away have their own needs and desire to communicate with loved ones left behind in the physical world, just as we need to communicate with them. 

For this reason, asking to contact a specific person would mean not respecting their existence as living beings. Instead, taking into consideration the needs of both worlds means creating a space of trust so that communication can flow and perform its function.

So if you have the desire to contact a specific person, know that the spiritual world is aware of it, but remember to remain open to those who will come specifically for you. During the session you will be given information about your loved one (s), such as memories, characteristics, character descriptions, places they have lived, so that you can have no doubts about their identity and their continued existence beyond physical life.

All sessions can be held face to face or online in Italian, Spanish and English.