In times of chaos, existential crises and earthly voids, human being grabs a burning nail in search of answers to their questions and nothing is truer than that phrase that says "he who seeks finds". And so it is, there I found myself, faced with the transit of a much loved person, my mother, in the last phase of her life when I fell, for "coincidences", in Federica's hands. I, a being so rational and so far from spirituality, have faced and left my material being to enter the spiritual world and to seek answers to what we call "death".

It was sudden as in a few minutes Federica, whom I barely knew, told me about situations and memories that I shared with a very special person for me, my grandmother. Federica told me details that only my relatives and I could know. At that precise moment I realized that the answers are within us and that our loved ones take care of us even when they are gone.

All this thanks to the gift that a being of special light like Federica possesses.

Oscar (ES)

There will never be enough words to praise Federica's qualities. A true Medium, in the greatest sense of the word. With her I did mediumship and psychic readings. In communicating with loved ones in other dimensions, I found the strength to move forward and found immense relief. Through the psychic reading, I truly understood what my soul wants to communicate to me and where to focus in the future. All done with the utmost seriousness and discretion. I wish Federica a long journey of collaboration with the Spiritual Realms.

Luisa (IT)

The sessions with Federica are amazing. Her ability to empathize puts me in a state of tranquility every time and a feeling of being understood. With her I have done and am continuing to do a path of spiritual development and a session of mediumship. The information she said about my mother gave me the absolute certainty that she was present. Since then I have been able to perceive her in my days and read the messages she wants to give me to support me and let me know that she is with me. Thanks Federica, from the heart.

Christian (DE)

Federica was a strong ray of light. I met her thanks to my meditation teacher. I was already practicing meditation but I was going through a particular period in my life and Federica, through her gifts and her loving work, allowed me to become more aware of a world that I was only partially aware of and that I now welcome with enthusiasm. My life has definitely changed for the better and I hope to continue on this splendid path. Thank you so much.

Romina (IT)